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silage machine


1. 4QZ series silage harvester is a self-developed new type product on the basis of yearly market practice, and survey and research result of advantages and disadvantages of similar products in the world. It is mainly used for the silage and straw silage of grass crops such as corn, sorghum, hay, sugarcane, etc. It has modern design, reasonable structure, high harvesting efficiency, reliable performance, and realizes silage operation not front to front with the combination of harvesting, cutting and collecting.

2. Matched with 95HP tractor with two sets driving mechanism to realize bi-direction of advance.

3. Matured cutting way of straw crusher is adopted, so that raw material can be rubbed and kneaded to threadlike fibers with unequal length to be suitable as the feed for ruminants like cattle and sheep.

4. Large feeding capacity and harvesting not front to front guarantees normal operation without jamming.

5. Side gearbox driving guarantees driving reliability.

6. Harvest of complete grain or harvest of grain without ears can be realized.

7. Dough stage corn with ears can be completely crushed to be used as feed.