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Limited Warranty

Hubei FOTMA Machinery Co. Ltd offers the following limited warranty on our products to our dealers/distributors only, which measure up to the PRC' standard. The warrant system executes according to the ISO9001 standard.

Our company warranty obligation of the tractors are as followings.

(a) The guarantee period of the products is one year, which begins from the day the products leave the China port. During this valid period, we will provide spare parts free of charge caused by quality problem during the guarantee period. But we don't provide freight and labor in dealer's local area.
(b) This warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship only.
(c) Provides the training of the use and maintenance of the products in our factory. 
(d) In order to do the after-sale service well, we will guarantee to deliver technical information of tractor and attached implements required by dealers.
(a) Failure to adhere to and/or comply with operation manual instructions will void all associated warranty obligations.
(b) The damage occurs in the transportation other than in the agreement transportation distance.
(c) Artificial damages. Any repairs or replacements required as a result of misuse, negligence, and abnormal or insufficient care.
(d) Damage caused by the force majeure.
(e) This warranty does not cover:
     • Pickup or delivery of the equipment
     • Rental of replacement equipment during the repair period
     • Products which have been declared a total loss and subsequently salvaged
     • Freight charges for replacement parts
     • Travel time or mileage

     • This Limited Warranty is for Parts Only. Labor cost is not covered in our warranty. 

Users Responsibility
(a) It is the users' responsibility to maintain the equipment in accordance with the instructions provided in the Operator's Manual. We recommend that you keep records (pictures & descriptions) and receipts; you may be asked to prove that the maintenance instructions have been followed. 
(b) It is also your responsibility to operate the equipment in a safe manner, and for the use for which it was designed. If a defect in materials or workmanship occurs, it is your responsibility to cease operating the equipment until repairs are made. Damage, which occurs from continued operation, may not be covered by this warranty. You should contact your authorized dealer immediately so that repairs can be made in a timely manner.

Quality question that has not involved in the above provision should be consulted by mutual agreement.

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