We can produce various Ploughs including disc plough, share plough, reversible plough, etc. For different condition we use different ploughs.


The disc plough is completely mounted with tractor. When operation, the discs turn the soil by its rotating. The disc plough suitable for operation on the field with grasses, straw and stems of crops or plants, big soil resistance and with many stones and brickbat, etc in the field. The disc plough is good at cutting the grasses and straw, free from being stopped by the grasses, sool or stones.


We also have 1LYQ series driven disc plough, it is mounted on the tractors by the 3-point hitch device. The gearbox of disc plough is  driven by the tractor PTO to rotate the plough discs. The driven disc plough is suitable for cultivation on paddy field, with the advantages of non-tangling weeds, high quality and efficiency.


The share plough has different numbers of bottoms. The share plough is suitable for loam, sandy loam soils and dry land farming area. After plowing, the land surface is smooth and the furrow is narrow with a good pulverization and mulching.


You can choose different plough models as per your request or the conditions of your farm.