China Agricultural Machinery Enterprises on German Hanover
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China Agricultural Machinery Enterprises on German Hanover
General Situation of This Exhibition

Agritechnica-DLG International Agricultural Machinery Fair that started from 1986 has been hosted by both the Agricultural Association of Germany (DLG) and the Hanover Exhibition Company. It is held once every two years in Hanover of Germany. It is same as "Eima", the Agricultural Machinery Fair in Italy, and "Sima", the Agricultural Machinery Fair in France, their characteristics are numerous exhibitors, extensive exhibits and international spectator resource etc. It has become the top-ranking Agricultural Machinery Fair in the world and also is the barometer of developing situation of agricultural equipment field in the world, especially in the west developed countries.

The Germany Hanover Agritechnica'07 International Agricultural Machinery Fair was opened on Nov. 12,2007 at the international exhibition center in Hanover of Germany. About 340 thousand spectators from 81 countries visited the exhibition. Compared with the last one the increased rate was 30%. Among spectators peasants accounted for 55%, the others were the professional personnel concerned with agriculture. The German spectators were 260 thousand persons accounting for 79%. The spectators from other countries were 71 thousand persons and compared with the last one the increased rate was 60%. Among international spectators in addition the conventional spectators from west and north Europe, the spectators from east Europe and previous USSR were about 14 thousand persons. The spectators from North America were about 3200 persons. Compared with the last one the spectators from China had great increase. It is said the Department of Agricultural mechanization inistry of the Agricultural P.R. of China, China Association of Agriculture Machinery Manufactures, Xinjiang Society for Agricultural Machinery, and Heilongjiang Farm Department etc. dispatched their visiting delegation. Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS) also dispatched a visiting delegation whose leader was the general accountant. Mr. Chen Chunxu.

On this Agritechnica'07 International Agricultural Machinery Fair there are 2247 exhibitors from 36 countries in which 1290 from Germany accounting for 57%, 957 exhibitors from other countries accounting for 43%. The net area of exhibition was 182529 m2. The exhibited products included tractor,agricultural trailer,transportation vehicle,cultivating machine and equipment,sowing machine and equipment,fertilizing machine and equipment, plant protection machine,sprinkler and drainage irrigation machine and equipment,grains (including corn and rape) harvest machine and equipment,grazing machine and equipment,rootstock and tuber crop harvest machine and equipment,storage, preservation and treatment-process of crops,gardening machine and equipment,fruit and grape cultivation, vegetable and special crops harvest equipment,municipal machine and equipment,forestry machine and equipment,various accessories, parts, components and auxiliary parts,consultation of management and service of recyclable raw material and power source,as well as trade of second-hand agricultural machinery etc.
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